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San Bernardino Window Replacement and Installation made easy

Window replacement San Bernardino 

Superhero Contractors window installations and window replacements are transforming the look of San Bernardino. We use the finest quality windows and provide the best value in the area. Our SuperShield windows are built  to endure the unique San Bernardino climate. In other words, the windows are made to withstand higher temperatures and more sunlight. In addition, the dual pane glass on our windows is thicker than our competitors. SuperShield windows provide sophisticated sound suppression technology engineered in a way to reduce exterior noise.

Aside from making your living environment quieter and more comfortable, there are many reasons to install replacement windows:

  1. Save on heating and cooling costs
  2. Keep your home quiet
  3. Reduce heat gain and unwanted sun rays
  4. Improve the appearance of your home
  5. Increase the value of your home

SuperShield offers a wide array of styles and materials from which to choose. We offer a multitude of materials including vinyl, aluminum & wood clad frames as well as a full line of bi-fold & multi-Slide doors.

  1. Single slider windows
  2. Single hung windows
  3. Picture windows
  4. Geometric windows
  5. Double slider windows
  6. Double hung windows
  7. Casement windows
  8. Awning windows
  9. Bay windows
  10. Bow windows
  11. Garden windows
  12. And many other styles in addition to these more popular styles

San Bernardino Window Replacement Costs

Size and material play a big role in the cost of a window. Assuming a normal size, typical double hung window the below factors can affect cost. Superhero Contractors will meet with you to help discuss all the items of the window cost. As a result, we’ll guide you through the entire process to ensure you get the best product for your home.


  1. Style or Design: The type of window will play a role in the cost. While a double hung window may be ideal, we may recommend a single hung window if your budget does not allow.
  2. Location: We are trained to install windows in San Bernardino. Some locations are more difficult than others.
  3. Material Costs: Aluminum, wood, wood clad, fiberglass, vinyl…we carry them all. Understand that vinyl is the most popular and cost effective. On the other hand, you may love wood windows but they may be cost inhibitive.
  4. Typical addons: We make sure to price out everything you need from the start. There will not be any surprises with Superhero Contractors.
  5. Custom sized windows: We get our windows sized to your opening. However, some openings are still considered custom if they are too big or too small. Our experts will be able to help advise you further.
  6. Project size: The amount of windows and doors you need to replace will affect the price.
  7. Installation methods: Replacement windows vary in cost from new construction windows. There can be costs in removing or repairing molding and trim. In extreme cases there may be the need for caulking or paint. Whatever the manner, we will communicate everything to you as it arises in your project.


The most common window materials are vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and composite materials.


  • Vinyl windows: The most common and economical option. Vinyl windows have a long expected life and is a very durable and substantial material.
  • Aluminum windows: Tend to be more expensive than vinyl. Some enjoy the look of an aluminum window. There is no discernable energy improvement from using aluminum over vinyl.
  • Wood windows: A very popular and time tested option with lots of value. Wood windows are the most difficult to care for but will add the most value to your home. Make sure to get your windows painted!
  • Composite windows: The most expensive window but for the cost worth the durability. These windows will last the longest and have the best result over time.

Superhero contractors will help you throughout every step in the process. We are window replacement experts and we will do whatever it takes to give you the satisfaction you deserve on your job!

window replacement

Double Pane Windows and the benefits

Double pane windows are sometimes referred to as dual pane windows. A double pane window is made with two pieces of glass separated by a spacer to create an air pocket between them. This air pocket increases the insulation value of the window and helps make the window more energy efficient. Double pane windows come in various shapes and sizes and can include many different thicknesses of glass and spacers.

There are many technical factors that help classify the efficiency of double pane windows. The lower the heat gain coefficient and U-Factor the better. These values mean that the window allows less heat transfer compared to its competitors. SuperShield windows offer one of the best and most efficient windows in San Bernardino.

Another added benefit of the dual pane glass is the noise reduction. As we’ve mentioned, if you live in a noisy part of San Bernardino consider our windows as they are specifically engineered to reduce noise. Our double panes of glass are thicker than most windows allow for better noise cancellation.

Other benefits of SuperShield double pane windows include:

  1. Increased structural value
  2. Better thermal performance
  3. Designed with sight lines and appearance in mind
  4. A white spacer to increase attractiveness
  5. Steel reinforced locks to increase safety and security
  6. The industry’s best warranty
  7. More weather stripping than any other window on the market
  8. Custom brickmold frame comes standard on our windows
  9. Foam insulated chambers in the frame
  10. Highest resistance to mold causing condensation

Best of all our windows will carry the best warranty in the business and will increase your property value. Upon sale, our warranty will transfer to the new buyer as an added value to the sale of your home.

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