Top 3 problems replacement windows solve

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Got a window that’s not working? Below are the top three reasons why windows need to be repaired. 

  1. Inoperable window: window will not move up or down and will not operate as intended

Call us and we’ll come out and identify your problem. Most windows have a problem with the balance that causes it to stop functioning properly. Inside of many window frames lies a hidden component known as a “balance”. Found in double hung or single windows, it assists you with the weight of the sash as you open and close your windows.

  1.   Window repair for the seal or window seal repair: your glass seal has become compromised on your double pane window.

Contrary to what you might read online, window seals should not be repaired. However, they can easily be REPLACED! No need to worry, it’s a very common problem with older double pane windows. Some people believe seal failure is due to excessive exposure to sun and heat (San Diego weather). Windows can be resealed but you would lose all the energy saving gas inside. There would also still be condensation visible in the pane. As a result, the best course of action, especially on any vinyl window is to replace the pane of glass. Superhero Contractors have you covered.

  1.   Broken glass, broken sash, screen repair, etc.

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